As business angels and start-up investors together with our network of international partners we aim to contribute to innovative undertakings – in this respect we seek cash investments (generally between € 20.000,00 and € 200.000,00), support founders and entrepreneurs, respectively, with our experienced legal and economic know-how and bring in our world- wide contacts and networks (smart capital) at the same time.

On the other hand, we are in constant touch with (international) investment funds that are interested in growth-orientated, innovative undertakings, yielding a revenue of more than € 10 million and providing an investment opportunity between € 1 million and € 50 million. We do the financial structuring and consulting for investors and with management by out / management by in and acompany you during the entire transaction, from the preparation through the (financial and legal) structuring, contract drafting and negotiation to the implementation (internationally together with our respective networks). As needed we take over management functions on an interim basis to make the target fit for the acquisition and carry out necessary restructuring measures.

The combined expertise of legal and economic know-how, practical experience for years and needed investment- / equity holding tools make work for you easier (so that you can focus on your main business) and ensures absolute confidentiality.